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"Nearly losing my tongue and life
-I gained a whole new voice and cause.
This is not just my story,
this is the story of millions"

"From coma to confidence"

Caitlin Alsop.

Sepsis Survivor & Advocate.

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From Coma to Confidence...

Caitlin Alsop.

Sepsis Survivor & Advocate.

"You never know how strong you are, until you’re faced with life or death. Sepsis left me fighting for my life, ventilated and comatosed. Ironically in nearly losing my tongue and my life; I gained a whole new voice and purpose. I am so grateful to the doctors and nurses for my life and it has become my mission to make a difference and raise awareness. 


My story is a journey from “coma to confidence”. After 9 days in a coma; I chose to wear my scars with pride and share my story to help others. I'm honored to have been invited to share my story all over the world, work with charities, hospitals and meet the most incredible survivors and doctors.


I hope that sharing my story helps someone with their own scars, inspires someone and enables someone to see just how strong they truly are. “Never be ashamed of a scar, because it means that something tried to beat you but you were stronger than it”. 

Recent Projects

Since nearly losing my life to sepsis, I am determined to make a difference, raise awareness and save lives.
Here are a few of our recent projects!

Product -Courage Cards.png

Courage Cards

Courage Cards are Inspiring quotes from sepsis survivors, bereaved families and other inspirational people around the world to help provide Courage in times of need.


The project raises awareness for sepsis and proceeds go toward resarch and advocacy. 


Health Advocacy

Sepsis kills every 2.8 seconds and is the most preventable cause of death globally. 


I am very grateful to all who have shared my story of awareness and am honoured to work with global organisations to raise awareness for sepsis. 

Sepsis Awareness

I am honoured to be working with hospitals, media, health  and research organisations to advocate  for patients and improve patient outcomes. 

I am passionate about making a difference for patients and helping our healthworkers and researchers in the ultimate aim of saving lives!


Sepsis Skydive

Coming out of hospital, it was my dream to face my fears. I took the ultimate leap of faith with  to raise awareness for sepsis and the Sepsis Alliance Superhero Mile!

We raised funds and awareness and I am keen to do it again. Watch the video here.

Blue Parachute

In partnership with Sepsis Australia, the FACE Sepsis Project is a pioneering educational project for dentistry and primary care. 


Anyone. Anytime. Any infection. 


Learn more below.

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Seriously Pink

Thanks to Poppy's Lane, each February and September, we go #seriouslypink to show love and raise awareness for sepsis survivors and families. 

Join us this year! 

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To find out more about sepsis education or if you or a loved one have been impacted by sepsis, please get in touch! 

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