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Our mission is to educate about sepsis awareness

and ultimately save lives.

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The FACE Sepsis Project

Anyone. Any time. Any infection. 

The FACE Sepsis Project is founded by sepsis survivor, Caitlin Alsop, in partnership with Sepsis Australia. Our mission is to educate about sepsis awareness and ultimately save lives.

Facts about sepsis: 

  • Any infection can lead to sepsis 

  • Sepsis is a medical emergency

  • It is the world's most preventable cause of death, responsible for 1 in 5 globally 

Please watch the below video and learn the signs to save a life. You can also view Caitlin's story below.

If you suspect sepsis, notify your medical team immediately or call emergency services. 


Sepsis Explained...

World Sepsis Day Sepsis Symptoms.png

So what is sepsis? 

Sepsis is a medical emergency and can happen to anyone at any time. It is the body's overreaction to infection.

How to spot SEPSIS?

According to the Global Sepsis Alliance, the following symptoms might indicate sepsis.

  • Slurred speech or confusion

  • Extreme shivering or muscle pain, fever

  • Passing no urine all day

  • Severe breathlessness

  • It feels like you’re going to die

  • Skin mottled or discolored

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please present to your local hospital immediately

What we do...

Education to save lives.

The FACE Sepsis Project is an education project focused on education about sepsis. 

Our recent achievements have been: 

  • Practice and hospital education 

  • Public education 

  • Public awareness 

  • Media releases 

  • Remote education 

  • Courage Cards Project

Our aim is to reduce sepsis hospitalizations and mortality through awareness and education. We could not do it without you and appreciate your support!  

What people have said about the FACE Sepsis Project so far... 
Family Portrait
"It's a great idea.
I didn't know that this can happen.
We were able to seek treatment early for our child"

Patient, Sepsis Survivor Family

Talking on the Phone

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