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In the Media...

Thank you to all media outlets and organisations that have shared Caitlin's story and her message of sepsis awareness 

Press conference

Press Coverage

Caitlin's story was featured all over the world in various publications, podcasts, magazines and media outlets.


She is incredibly lucky to be alive after 9 days in a coma and credits her life to the medical team that saved her and has made it her mission to raise much-needed awareness for sepsis.


Here are just some of the articles below...

If you would like to interview Caitlin, 

please get in touch below. 

How it all started...

Thank you to the original team from the Courier Mail and Channel 7 who first broke Caitlin's story. Finding out she had sepsis connected her with a global support network and a mission to make a difference ...

Media Coverage

The below are just a few of the outlets that have shared Caitlin's story and sepsis advocacy.

If you have seen her story or would like to be featured below, please let us know! 


The below are a few key articles written about Caitlin's sepsis story and advocacy work. 

If you have seen other articles or would like yours featured, please let us know!


Contact Us

Please fill out the below form or send an email to get in touch with Caitlin directly or find out more about the FACE Sepsis project.

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