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Sepsis causes 1 in 5 deaths globally.  

Education Saves Lives. 

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A Heartfelt Patient Education  for Health Professionals

From a sepsis survivor featured in...


    My tooth put me in a coma...


I am passionate about sepsis education to save lives... 

Caitlin Alsop,

Founder of FACE Sepsis, Coma to Confidence 


What is the 

Any one. Any time. Any infection.

Sepsis is the world's most preventable cause of death. Every 2.8 seconds someone loses their life to sepsis. In Australia, it kills more than the national road toll annually.

Since nearly losing her life to dental sepsis and gaining global media awareness, Caitlin has partnered with Sepsis Australia in this patient-led education project, sharing her story and educating  in an unforgettable way.   

The FACE Sepsis Project is a about facing sepsis in dentistry and primary care by teaching the signs and symptoms, importance of escalation and prevention. 

The Project is a simple 10 minute education about sepsis which includes... 

Dermatology Consultation

Acknowledgements to

The below organisations for resources and contributions to this project.

This project features FACE Sepsis marketing and resources as well as tools from the National Sepsis Awareness campaign (Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in Health Care, 2021,22), World Sepsis Day, Sepsis Australia, Sepsis Alliance
and The George Institute. Sources featured are for educational purposes only.


In partnership with Sepsis Australia, this is a 10 minute patient led industry-specific education based on globally recognized symptoms & the Australian Clinical Care Standard recommendations. 

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below. 

How It Works

 This is a 10 minute education for health professionals, students & staff. 

Every time we present, our commitment to you is: 

What people have said about the FACE Sepsis Project so far... 
"It's a great idea.
I didn't know that this can happen.
We see patients with infections all the time."

Dental Nurse

Talking on the Phone

Contact Us

Please fill out the below form or send an email to get in touch with Caitlin directly or find out more about the FACE Sepsis project.

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